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   The ENERGETYK realized over 40 types of treatments in the field of balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, physiotherapy, cryotherapy, massage and inhalation. Our Care Center performs health service, rehabilitation and prevention according to the following conditions:

The Locomotor organs
• The Circulatory system and peripheral vessels
• Metabolism
• Respiratory tracts - airways

Gym has been adapted and equipped with equipment necessary to conduct the exercise within the scope of offered and required services. The spacious air-conditioned room guarantee under the supervision of instructors full physical and mental comfort to all interested in taking part in various exercises.

Nordic Walking
Summon up in one simple sentence – increasing health through fun. This offered by us exercise can be named – champion one because is performed by the Champion of the World in Nordic Walking -Elżbieta Wojciechowska. The biggest possible high standard of support during the training with our health resort patients is available only in ENERGETYK! How many time it can be boasted that You would be trained by the best person in the whole world.

Systemic Cryotherapy
Cryotherapy consists of stimulating application of temperatures below -100 C. Two-three-minute application of liquid nitrogen vapours stimulates the organism’s defensive reactions to extreme cold.

The Isokinetics Tables
The Isokinetics Tables is a popular name of set of seven coaches used in rehabilitation therapy of spinal joints, shoulders, hips, knees and feet.

During the stay, a great enrichment and a form of spending free time can be independent or group cycling.