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Profiles and health services

Our Care Center performs health service, rehabilitation and prevention according to the following conditions:
•    The Locomotor organs
•    The Circulatory system  and peripheral                   vessels
•    Metabolism
•    Respiratory tracts - airways

Rehabilitation and medical and preventive activities are performed within:
•    Sanatorium
•    Hospital
•    Post-Hospital Early Cardiology’s Rehabilitation Ward (Department)
•    Post-Hospital Early the Locomotor Organs’ Rehabilitation Ward
There is also available to the patients
•    Cardiology Clinic
Health services
1)    The locomotor organs rehabilitation is carried out for patients with the following disorders:
•    degenerative changes/lesions of the joints and backbone
•    overuse illness of the locomotor system
•    post-traumatic changes
•    congenital and acquired deformations
•    postoperative states of the backbone, joints and the upper and lower limbs
•    rheumatic disorders
2)    Cardiological rehabilitation is performed for the patients with following diseases:
•    chronic disorders of the heart
•    chronic diseases of the coronary blood vessels
•    states after cardiac infarction
•    states after passed some acute diseases of the heart
•    states after heart’s operation, valves and large blood vessels,
•    heart defects
•    vascular disorders/hypertension
•    chronic disorders of the peripheral vessels of the lower limbs
•    Raynaud's disease and another vessels neurosis
3)    Health prevention is conducted for interested to avoid the locomotor system disorders, cardiovascular diseases, metabolism diseases, neuroses, obesity and others
4)    Climate-recreational therapy - intended primarily for patients being in need of taking rest and improve the psychophysical condition
5)    Health therapy - is designed for people suffering from chronic locomotor system diseases, the circulatory system and peripheral vessels, neurological problems,  metabolism, respiratory tract. The treatment process includes specific to the of health resort treatment the natural balneological materials, kinesitherapy, physiological and physical therapy as the primary method of improving. The aim of treatment is to improve movement, increase immunity, reduce use of drugs, reduce pain, improve physical and mental condition.

Brine bath - a bath in water with sodium-chloride solution (of varying concentration) - overheats, relaxes muscles, dilates the peripheral vessels and lowers blood pressure


Diadynamic - the treatment performed using a low frequency current (50 and 100 Hz) with variable parameters. The main application - muscle pain, neuralgia and degenerative pain. It is obtained the hyperemia of the skin and underlying deeper tissues
Electrostimulation of nerves or muscles - the treatment involving the stimulation of nerves and muscles with appropriately selected parameters, currents, prevents degenerative changes of muscles It is used to the electro-gymnastic
Electroplating / Iontophoresis - the treatment involving electrical-current flows through the treated part of the body. It is given the medicine through the skin in the ionized form without breaching its continuity. The carrier is here galvanic current
Interdyn - uses interference current of the adjustable frequency Use: analgesic, congestive, stimulation of weakened skeletal muscle due to prolonged illness or for example plaster immobilization
Four-chamber bath - bath with electric galvanic current, depending on the orientation of current flow can effected calming or stimulating. It can to some extent increase or decrease blood pressure.
Magnetic field therapy
Magnetronic - a form of treatment that uses an alternating magnetic field and its positive effects on the tissue used in post-traumatic musculoskeletal system, pain syndromes of various origin, disturbances in the peripheral blood stream, is  to the overall regeneration
Electromagnetic field therapy
Terapuls - electrotherapeutic treatment that uses high-frequency electromagnetic field being pulse dosed, creates the possibility of overheating of tissue in their depth, use: pain, increased muscle tension in neurological diseases, states of the ischemic  of tissues
Ultrasound / ultrafonoforeza - treatment consisting of ultrasound effects - vibrations on the exposed diseased skin area; it is used in degenerative diseases of joints and spine, post-traumatic states
UV Exposure - quartz lamp / IR + UV (Emit’s lamp) - local effect, using ultraviolet rays, the rays had been absorbed causing congestion of the skin, increase its tension and elasticity, enhance basal metabolism, affect bactericidal
Visible light exposure (Sollux) - is used here the infrared radiation, treatment of chronic and acute inflammatory arthritis, periarticular tissues
Polarized light exposure (Bioptron, Bio-V) - indication for treatment are muscles and joints pain
Laser therapy - a method of laser radiation energy stimulus impact on the diseased tissue, it consist in applying  to the diseased spots the direct laser beam of appropriate power and wavelength, the wide use treatment, such as degenerative arthritis, traumatic, healing inveterate injuries, nerve pain and muscle pain
Gel compresses - compress of the temperature 40-50 ° C,  causes profound hyperemia designated part of the body, is used in rheumatic diseases, chronic inflammation of the joints and soft tissue ,conditions of the increased muscle tension and neuralgia


Individual gymnastics - set of the appropriate exercises for the disease - treatments, matched individually for each patient, with the use of specialist rehabilitation equipment includes passive exercises, aided, of resistance, free, coordination of movements
Group gymnastics - therapeutic exercises used as a general method to streamline or to groups selected accordingly to the specific disease
Gym conditioning exercise - equipment gymnastics using instruments that improve the function of various joints and spine, by applying appropriate strength training - the general condition is to be improved


Pearl bath - made in a bathtub equipped with air supply channels pressed by an appropriate pump. The gas bubbles work on skin and calm the nervous system
Underwater massage - massage in the bath, work on all body relaxing the muscles to unwind. It causes relaxation of the tissues, reducing nervous tension, improve circulation and alleviate pain
Carbonic acid bath - a bath in water saturated with carbon dioxide, causes dilation of capillaries
 “Scottish whip” - a stream of water of variable temperature, resulting in the stimulation of the weaken body, stimulates the circulatory system - the central nervous system and peripheral vessels, restorative and hardening treatment
Underwater hydromassage with a whip (English bad)

Therapeutical massage

Pneumatic massage - one limb - performed by specialized equipment is based on pressure under the pressure, used especially in the lymphatic swelling
Vibrating Massage - Aquavibron - Massage involving topical vibrating rubber membrane, for which the energy source is water flowing inside the device, helps in the regeneration of the tissue, increases elasticity of muscles and improve joint mobility
Massage on the mechanical chair – computer massage – relaxing effect, regenerating the body,
Classic manual massage of the entire body - a series of movements performed by a masseur in a certain order and specific rate, for therapeutic purposes; it improves circulation, increases the elasticity of the tissues, relaxes, analgesic, increases blood circulation to the heart, lymphatic circulation
Classic manual massage of separated part of body – similar to the previous one but it is destined only to the chosen part of body


Bulling saline individual inhalations – it is used here an aerosol contains sodium chloride ion, which penetrates deep into the air sacs and bronchus, leads to airway clearance, coughs up the secretion and facilitates breathing
Individual ultrasonic inhalations / nozzle one with medicine - the treatment involving inhalation of mist which has to be emerged from the therapeutical solution

Systemic Cryotherapy