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Isokinetics Tables

    The Isokinetics Tables is a popular name of set of seven coaches used in rehabilitation therapy of spinal joints, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. A series of exercises result in increased elasticity of muscales, tendons and ligaments. The exercises counteract contractures and have pain-relieving and relaxing effects. It is a convenient form of training which does not burden the body with excessive active efforts.

    It can be adopted by people of limited kinetic efficiency and smaller capability of handling physical load. The training is particulary agreeable with obese people, wasted, weakened and those suffering from paralyses.

    During the exercises on Swedish Tables blood flows faster through muscles and periarticular tissues, the metabolism of muscles tissue is increased, the burning of excess fat improved and the organism makes more use of the glucose. The inch-by-inch training is carried out without straining any joints, therefore it does not lead to excessive wearing away of cartilages – even with patients who siffer injuries to them.
The indications to apply the inch by inch training are following motor system disorders:
-    Strains
-    Fibromyalgia
-    Injuries to articular cartilages
-    Osteoarthrosic deseases
-    Contractures
-    Rheumatic affections
-    Mild arthritis and postinfammatory lesions

The indications to apply passive training are:
-    Certain neuroses – low intensity paresis following cerebral strokes, multiple sclerosis and other             nervous diseases
-    Consequences of spinal cord injuries and illnesses
-    Parkinson’s disease
    The Isokinetics Tables is a unique facility available only at few health service establishment in Poland.