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   Independent or group cycling can be a great enrichment and a form of spending free time.  We created bicycle rental for those people who are interested in the active form of recreation. Willing are most welcome. Riding a bike is very fashionable and very healthy.


    Most people associate  a healthy lifestyle with the enormous sacrifices and exhausting exercises. To be fit, slim and just health, there are many ways  but not always it  has to be draconian diet and long hours in the gym.

    Cycling as an sport is much more enjoyable, affects positively on our health and wellbeing. The bike is an inherent attribute of an active holiday. It can improve the physical condition as well. An additional advantage of cycling is to explore charming places of Inowrocław city.

    Huge green areas around the park are best known for its landscape diversity. Movement is a great medicine, especially when it is done in a the spa surrounding. Thanks that all our visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with many interesting parts of the city Inowrocław and Brine Park and Graduation brine tower.

Favorable climatic conditions combined with physical activity have a beneficial effect on the body. This one connected with ability to discover new interesting places, fresh air in the area of restricted vehicles activity, green areas is just perfect way to spent the free time.