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Brine Park and Graduation Brine Tower

    Non-public Health Care Center ENERGETYK is located in the immediate vicinity of Brine Park, the natural spa area, characterized by significant reduction of traffic congestion, which greatly affects the comfortable stay. Thanks that You can spend time being away from the hustle and bustle accompanying person on daily basis. Brine Park covers an area of more than 70 hectares.
    It was considered in 2009 one of the Seven Wonders of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region. Within its borders are two large ponds, which were placed a number of fountains. Picturesque and beautiful open-air spots, relaxing atmosphere in the bosom of the nature becomes a daily point of the program for each health resort  patient. Walk among the flowers, the proximity of the beautiful Polish nature and exotic plant specimens, natural paths ready-made for walking, positively influence on well-being. Numerous cafes, souvenir stalls, periodically held in the concert bowl musical meetings and outdoor events cause the stay on the Kujaven area pleasant and unforgettable.

    130-year tradition of Inowroclaw spa area undermines one of the main advantages - brine graduation tower which is the only one in that form tower in Poland. It is the second largest in Poland natural inhalation, uses the brine, which is comparable with the waters of Karlovy Vary and Bad Oeynhausen. Brine graduation tower measures 9 meters high and 322 meters long. There are only 9 this unique type of constructions in whole Europa. Throughout their long runs terrace with a panoramic view of all the Inowroclaw Spa. It’s close relative neighborhood to our objects makes, that walk to it takes only a few minutes.

    The brine graduation towers produces a special microclimate, which is a natural therapeutic inhalation. Graduation brine tower saturates the air with iodine, bromine, and a whole range of other micronutrients such as magnesium, sodium, potassium and iron.

Chemical composition of the brine:
• NaCl – 311,5 g/l
• Cl – 186,8 g/l
• Mg – 0,198 g/l
• Ca – 0,308 g/l
• SO₄, Fe, Zn, J –0,320 g/l

Medicinal advantages of inhalation:

• chronic inflammation, atrophic rhinitis
• chronic atrophic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, injury of join cartilage, emphysema,
• states of general exhaustion
• arterial hypertention
• hypotension – under the condition to stay in the appropriate distance away of the tower or not be exposure on the sunlight
• gives some protection against the disease, increases healthy people’s immunity
• many others positive therapeutically effects influenced on the diseases such as thyroid gland or allergic skin illness.