Cultural and educational entertainment

    The Centre conducted cultural, educational entertainment activities in which are organized various events, such as:
•    tourist and sight-seeing trips ( Lichen, Torun, Kruszwica, Biskupin, Żnin)
•    sight-seen tours organized by the professional guide – Mr. Alfred Krysiak - thanks to them health resort visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with many interesting parts of the city Inowrocław and Brine Park and Graduation brine tower
•    numerous cultural-entertaining events,
•     dancing nights (soiree) and poetry soirees of the artists invited by the Centre
•    Events bringing nearer the tradition and history of Kujawy conducted through lectures, films, presentations or exhibitions such as Kujawy’s embroidery exhibition prepared by the artists of the popular associated in Folk Artists Association in Lublin
•    painting exhibitions held in our conference room to promote the work of artists (such as painting exhibitions Inowrocław’s artist Ewa Koc)
•    periodically take part in our sanatorium bands concerts of  friendly artists. An  Great recognition has been gained by the operetta arias and neapolitan’s songs performed by tenor - Mr. Jarosław Stempowski, promoting folklore band "Gniewkowo", Choir of Janików, poet soiree devoted to the poet Papusza prepared by a team of "Silver Voice"
•    there are taking place once during each time period beautician free treatments especially for the women’s part of our guests during which it is offered free professional treatments, such as the hand care and makeup for every occasion,
•    There are organized in the marble café the dancing nights introducing ones and a farewell barbecue.  Thanks to such occasions health resort visitors receive the opportunity to establish many interesting contacts and spend time in a relaxed, friendly and warm atmosphere. An additional attraction is located on the tenth floor café with separate terrace helping to see the all beauty of the local area
•    There are also library, games rooms, billiards, table tennis, solarium, hairdressing salon.

    Patients, who are planning their free time management by their own there can be visited in the vicinity of the center many interesting regional attractions, such as:
•    located in a late nineteenth century Renaissance building Museum of Jan Kasprowicz
•    Primate Jozef Glemp Institute functioning within the Kujawy Cultural Centre, where all interested can find lots of absorbing  information and memorabilia from the life of the Polish Primate
•    Music parties taking place in the  Brine Park such as  “Music Thursdays” or “Sunday Concerts”.

    Since 2001 we are  is included in the Health Promoting Hospitals Network.  There are prepared for the patients and visitors by the medical staff, lectures promoting healthy lifestyle. Patients may therefore benefit from a qualified psychological assistance and expertise of physicians on the causes of some common diseases of civilization, the risks associated with abnormal lifestyle, bad habits and incorrect nutrition that has been passed in the form of lectures and presentations. They can also learn how to prevent negative consequences of those phenomena.

Park and Graduation Brine Tower          Trips

Non-public Health Care Center ENERGETYK is located in the immediate vicinity of Brine Park, the natural spa area, characterized by significant reduction of traffic congestion, which greatly affects the comfortable stay being away from the hustle and bustle accompanying person on daily basis.

Not only the city of Inowroclaw  is worth getting to know, but also its closer and farther vicinity. In a  short distance from our center are located  unique tourist attractions on the  international sighting level. Every year, many of them are a very important point on the map of  the many travelers from abroad.

Cafe                                                Cycles

We are the only sanatorium located in Inowroclaw area which has an observation deck. Placed  There can be admired the beautiful panorama of the entire park.

During the stay, a great enrichment and a form of spending free time can be independent or group cycling. Bicycle rental had been created for those people who are interested in the active form of recreation.