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Our Kitchen

    The Canteen is located on the premises. To meet the expectations of our health resort patients, our staff and cooks try each single time to prepare daily meals based on local and fresh produces. To please the tastes of even the most demanding gourmets, dishes prepared for us, properly matching the profile of our place – Health with the tone of polish culinary tradition.

    In our kitchen every lover of good taste will find something for themselves. Food is not just a way to sustain the vital functions of our body, but also a way to discover profound culinary experiences. We place great emphasis on the preparation of all our dishes. Within the framework of this motto we use only fresh and regional products. We offer very rich courses connected traditional cuisine with a small variety of dishes.


    The offer includes three full meals. The taste of our soups, meat, fruits, fishes and salads will surprise many. In addition, we pride ourselves on cakes baked according to the own recipes and made by us popular polish dishes as dumplings with original stuffing, cottage cheese noodles or deeply rooted in polish culinary tradition – diamond-shaped potato dumplings.

    Friendly for soul and body interior design, fresh flowers decorating the room and high class equipment facilities, guarantee the highest quality meals.

    Proper nutrition is not only a condition of well-being and strength to face daily challenges. Proper diet includes the right amount of nutrients and it is the natural way to prevent many diseases.

Boarding takes place in accordance with the guidelines of the Polish Institute of Food and Nutrition. Meals are served according to the recommendation of the dietetics. The procedure for creating an individual diet is followed immediately after arrival to our center.