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Systemic cryotherapy

    Cryotherapy consists in stimulating application of temperatures below -100 C. Two-three-minute application of liquid nitrogen vapours stimulates the organism’s defensive reactions to extreme cold.

What are the indications to apply crytotherapie?

-    Motor system strains
-    Fibromyalgia
-    Articular injuries
-    Osteoarthrosic lesions
-    Inflammatory lesions of joints
-    Osteoporosis
-    Recent traumatic lesions, haematomas, articular exudates,
-    Certain forms of paralysis after cerebral strokes, multiple sclerosis
-    Consequences of affections and injuries of spinal cord
-    Infantile diplegia
-    Parkinsons disease
-    Chronic sacral pains, discopathies and radicular pains
-    Consequences of burns and certain skin affections
-    Certain form of depression
-    A need of biological regeneration in sport and recreation
-    A need of stress-relieving
-    Cosmetic reasons – a need of firming tissues or improve skin tension
-    Overweigh
What are the effects of cryotherapy?

    Cryotherapy has pain-relieving and antihydropic effects – it is also lowers muscular tension. The 2-3 minutes in extremely low temperatures, from -120 C down to -160 , trigger biochemical reactions, hormonal effects and clinical consequences. The value of cryogenic stimuli consists in the following:

-    Increasing the speed of chemical reactions and regeneration of tissues
-    Removing undesirable substances from tissues
-    Regulating the immune system
-    Eliminating the feeling of fatigue
-    Causing subsidence of ostearticular and muscular pains
-    Exciting motor activity
-    Toughening the organism
-    Improving the mood

How is the crytotherapy applied?

    The application of cryotherapy is conditioned on the results of a preliminary medical examination. Just before entering the crychamber the patients blood pressure and skin moisture is checked. The patients enter the chamber wearing swimming trunks and costumes, and equipped with protective kits for cold-sensitive body parts and organs. The session is supervised by qualified personnel monitoring the process. A single stay in the cryochamber lasts between 1 – 3 minutes during which the applied temperature is lower from -110 C downt to -160. When the patients leave the chamber they proceed to the stage of physical exercises with different contents and duration, arranged individually.
    It is the first true cryogenic chamber in northern Poland, the first full-value cryochamber in a health resort and sixth low-temperature chamber used in Polish health establishment.