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First Class medicine at Third World prices

    More and more foreigners seeks treatment abroad. The intentional medical tourism offers opportunities for cost effective and unique treatment. The most important reason for this form of tourism is a cost savings. For every spa guest has been visiting Poland, the price has important meaning  and determines big advantage as an attraction. Polish sanatoriums drove through a wide range of treatments. Medical services in Poland are very popular among Germans, Swedes, Danes and British. Differences in prices are really motivating, constitute a 35 to 50 percent. amounts that would have to be paid for the same provision in other countries. With the number of  health resorts, polish ones are ranked seventh in Europe.
    We are characterized by Europe's natural healing environments, advanced equipment, high protection and care and professional medical staff.

In addition, patients' rights in Poland are guaranteed in a series of acts to provide safety of people undergone the treatment. The common right of the people include: the right to consent, information about own health, to have the right to inspect the  medical records and privacy rights.
    All of this is guaranteed not only by national law but also through membership in the European Union and the legal provisions of Community law.


            EU barriers in treatment were abolished!

    After years of difficult negotiations between the countries, European Parliament passed a directive on the use of medical services in the EU, which allows treatment in another country, and then reimbursed to the level guaranteed in the country of insurance.
    The new directive will come into force in 2013 - so much time would be given to transpose it into national law of each EU-country. The EU wants to encourage European patients to get treatment abroad. It was just a common set of rules of behavior for all UE member states. They decided to provide a safe, efficient and quality health care.
    Patients have the right to receive health care in another Member State and obtain an allowance of treatment in the country of residence. This is an effect of the passed by the health ministers of EU countries directive "Patients Without Borders". In addition, patients must not be insured if they stay in another EU Member State. To increase the flow of information will be the National Information Center in each single country appointed, whose principal task will be to inform a patient about the purpose of depending on medical needs operation and treatment abroad.